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C. Wallace, Petaluma

SituationClarence has a dad living alone in downtown Petaluma. Clarence works in the City and travels often. He was concerned with his dad in town alone on the weeks he travelled. Clarence called Legacy Concierge to see what they thought might be a good plan to help him.

S. Hancock, Healdsburg

Solution: Upon evaluation of Clarence's father, Molly found several safety hazards around that house that if fixed, could be a lifesaver. Legacy also suggested that Clarence have a "stop-by" caregiver on the days that Clarence travels. It turned out they prevented catastrophe and helped Mr. Wallace while his son is away. Clarence's father is a 10hr. month member and has consistent follow-up.

Solution: The Legacy team to the rescue! A two hour consultation with Deanna unveiled a barrage of problems in the Hancock home. We hired a professional organizer, a contractor, and a house cleaner. It has changed the lives of the Hancock's. The entire family is happy their parents are in a clean, organized, and safe home with consistent follow up!

Situation: Sylvia Hancock. Sylvia's parents both lived in the family home long after the kids left. There were many repairs and lots of things around that house that needed to be cleaned up, gone through and disposed of. Her parents thought they could do it by themselves. That was 10 years ago. Nothing has changed. Sylvia called the Legacy team.

"These ladies are angels on earth. What they did for my  mom is priceless" KP Ayerza, Petaluma

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Legacy. They put together all the right people for a senior that needed legal assistance and notary services. Everyone came away happy for a job well done;their senior client in Napa, the family in New York and legal counsel in Oakland. It was a pleasure working with Legacy."        -M.O'Connell, Rohnert Park

"Need help navigating the maze of senior care issues? Legacy is the go to for answers."  -D. Donaldson-Petaluma

"I have worked with Molly somewhere between 5-7 years. She worked at 2 different facilities in Sonoma county that the Case Management Dept at PVH would refer our patients to for post acute care.
Molly is amazing to work with. She is responsive, resourceful, and very caring. She is a strong patient advocate and is very collaborative in her efforts. It is without reservation that I would recommend her..."
Coleen Torrento, Manager of Case Management
"A multi level, multi service community is the future of the baby boomers. The ability to remain in the community is a Godsend. Thank you for putting together somethng both supportive and loving and respectful. I see a great future for this organization! Good work ladies!"
Debbie L., Sutter Health-Sacramento
"Molly and Deanna with Legacy are the very first call you should make if you need to  make any arrangements for care needs for seniors or loved ones who need additional care. They have put together an amazing service and are a one stop shop for all your lived ones care needs. They are both fearless advocates and dedicated to what they do and immediately proved the best available care for their clients! Thank you Legacy for providing this awesome service to our Community"
Kimberley S.,  Cedar Farms and Highlands
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