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Caregiver Resources

When you work with Legacy Concierge Services' Elder Care Advisors, our goal is to provide you with tools to better help you navigate the aging process both now and in the future.  Many times the most basic items needed are often overlooked. We have provided some tools that will start the conversation, planning and preparing for care needs.  

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Interview Questions


Interview Questions:
Do you have questions prepared to ask your potential service provider?

Legacy Questionaire:
Do you have your documentation in order?

Click Here To Download Price Comparison Worksheet

Legacy Price Comparison:

Have You Compared The Costs Of Staying At Home VS The Cost Of An Assisted Living?

POLST Form (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment):

Are Your End Of Life Decisions Clearly Defined And Signed

By Your Physician?

Click Here to Download Physicians Report

State Of California Physicians Report:

If You Are Considering An Assisted Living, This Will Need to Filled out By Primary Care Physician.

Additional Helpful Resources

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(the Health Insurance Counseling & Advocacy Program)

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